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Trouvaille (say "troo-vie") means lucky find

After years of working for farms in dozens of other places, we finally landed in the hills of Southeastern Ohio. 

We raise grass-fed beef and goats on pasture, heirloom crops on the ridge tops and make artisan chocolate and other treats in our farm kitchen.

We manage our land using regenerative pracitces to build soil, increase biodiversity and produce nutritious food for our family and neighbors.


What we do: Heirloom Seeds, Vegetables and Fruit

We raise heirloom vegetable and fruits using regenerative methods. 

Cover crops and compost keep our soil rich and avoid the need for synthetic fertilzer. 

 To avoid using pesticides, we plant “insectaries”: rows of flowering plants that attract beneficial insects that naturally keep pests under control.

We grow heirloom vegetable seeds that are sold through small regional seed companies. This keeps these varieties regionally-adapted and able to thrive in low-input systems, which  is critical as our climate changes and modern hybrids begin to fail us.

What we do: Pastured Livestock

We raise heritage breeds of beef cows, goats and chickens on our hilly pastures. 

Rotational, multi-species grazing is critical to continuously improve the health of our pastures

These practices are proven build to deeper, richer soil, sequester carbon and reduce erosion.

We respect the native inhabitants of the land by leaving wildlife corridors interspersed with grazed pastures.

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